German shepherd working breeding el Karin
parallax background

30 years elKarin
develops the working qualities of German shepherds

and maintains them at a high level, paying special attention to the improvement of defensive, guarding and odorological skills


We offer for breeding use

german shepherd working breeding

Unkers Vidjer Gledi Pricer

black, "excellent"; НКД, СК, ОКД-1, ЗКС-1, УКД-СТ, ЗС, РС, ЗГС-1, УГС-1

We invite you to the training grounds

Kyiv, Solomyansky Forest Park

Saturday Sunday

9:00 - Junior group (НКД)
10:30 - Middle and Senior group (СК, ОКД, УКД)
12:00 - group АПТ, ЗС, ЗКС, СТ

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german shepherd working breeding

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